Seaweed Products to Sample

Seaweed Butter

A compound butter that combines seaweed, cultured butter and sea salt, this is wonderful melted over boiled potatoes, stirred into pasta or rice, dolloped over roasted vegetables, chicken and especially seafood. I love it smeared on warm bread and topped with smoked salmon. Bordier makes a fine one, imported from Brittany in northwestern France and available at gourmet shops. And Beurre de la Mer, made from Vermont Creamery butter and a mix of seaweeds, is available from The Chef’s Warehouse.

Seaweed Tea

Dried seaweed mixed with a variety of aromatic teas makes for a heady, fragrant beverage. The tea is available at Cup of Sea, a company based in Portland, Me. I am particularly fond of the green tea-dried kelp combination.

Seaweed Pasta

Added to wheat flour, dried seaweed makes a highly nutritious pastawith a salty bite.

Kelp Salsa

This salsa from Barnacle Foods is a good gateway product for anyone who is interested in eating seaweed, but is still a little unsure. The seaweed gives salsa a gentle saline flavor that harmonizes with the tomatoes and chiles, but doesn’t overwhelm them.

Kelp Pickles

Made in Alaska from bull kelp, a variety with a thick stem that has the texture of green pepper, these crunchy pickles come in two flavors: dilland curry.

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